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SH-09 Resources and Manuals

Various SH-09 manuals and service information.

Service Manuals

Note: the clarity of some text of that service manual is so bad, it probably needs to be reverse-engineered at some point with clearer visuals. I'll add it to my ever mounting tasks in the future to make a better version.

Owner's Manuals

Electrolytic Capacitor Value Replacement List

A quick list of the electroltyic capacitor values needed for recapping (you *will* want to replace these after 40+ years).

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any variances in [your] particular model or any errors in the below list, always double check everything BEFORE you recap your synthesizer. This is simply meant as an assistive reference. Always buy extra capacitors in the event some are defective or the list has errors. Always buy quality Japanese brand names (i.e. Nichicon, Rubycon, Panasonic/Matsushita, Chemicon, ELNA ...). Mouser and Digikey are probably the best places to buy reliable components that won't be knockoffs.

CHD Elektroservis SH09-M

Resources for the CHD Elektroservis SH-09 MIDI kit. Manufacturer's website is located here: https://www.chd-el.cz/products/roland-sh09-midi-interface/

SH-09 Slider Replacements

Roland used ALPS sliders, it may be possible to replace them with Jeffrey Lee's riser adapters and modern sliders that can accomodate the values, to make it easier I just have this portion split out in its own article:

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