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Roland Slider Replacements

This page is to outline some replacement options for earlier Roland sliders (in this case the Jupiter-4, Jupiter-8, SH-09, SH-2 ...). Subject to have more added as I gather more information.

Roland Slider Part #s

*Roland lists 029-575 as "EVALOPC15B16" and "EVALOPC15B15". This is not a typo on my part, either it's a mistake in either service manual, or Roland sold this part under different part numbers.

Jupiter-4 Replacement Sliders

Jeffrey Lee (minisystem) created some special riser adapters https://polysynth.tumblr.com/post/84043081480/replacing-roland-jupiter-4-slider-potentiometer to retrofit Bourns PTA3043-2010CIB503 to work in place of any original ALPS 50K adapters (029-355 EVA-V17C16B54 (50KB)). The only exception being you'd have to doctor the Bourns slider for the LFO to adjust grounding or add a bodge wire. And of course the *really* rare sliders for the arpeggiator rate and a few others have no equivalent replacements in 2022.

Kenneth Walter Kaldalóns Balys ended up using this technique to replace the 50K sliders on a Jupiter-4 with detailed photos here: https://www.beatkamp.com/jupiter4_frankenslider.shtml worth taking a read as it's a pretty nice write up.

For archival sake, here is Jeffrey Lee's Oshpark file for the EVA-V17C16B ALPS Roland slider adapters:

Jupiter-8 / SH-2 / SH-09 Replacement Sliders

It should be worth mentioning that the above adapters probably could also be used for the Jupiter-8, SH-2, SH-09 and any other similar Roland synths as well that use the same form factor. And if the 50K value couldn't be modified in the circuit, I'm sure Bourns has 10K values of the same slider that could be used in the adapters. Although, some of the rare sliders with notching probably can't.

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