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Jupiter-8 Resources and Manuals

Various Jupiter-8 manuals and service information.

Service Manuals

Owner's Manuals

Jupiter-8 Decal Replacement

Blackout underwent a huge restoration project and had to create replacement Jupiter-8 decals for silkscreening on, the files are located here: https://jup8restoration.wordpress.com/2018/12/04/preparing-the-jupiter-8-decal-graphics-for-printing/

There was an explicit request they do not get mirrored anywhere, but in the event they get pulled down from dropbox I will consider mirroring them here.

Jupiter-8 Slider Replacements

Roland used ALPS sliders, it may be possible to replace them with Jeffrey Lee's riser adapters and modern sliders that can accomodate the values, to make it easier I just have this portion split out in its own article:

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