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TR-808 / RE-808 Resources and Manuals

Various TR-808 / RE-808 manuals and information.

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RE-808 Resources

With the advent of the DinSync.info RE-808 replica, it has allowed a good portion of replacement for original TR-808 parts and the ability to create a very nice replica.

There are a few undocumented caveats with the RE-808 build, I'll add more info as I come closer to finishing it. You definitely want to use the component placement guide that Carter created to speed up the process, but most importantly to cross check your work. Building an RE-808 is unfortunately more 'problematic' than what first meets the eye, there are some obsolete components that are hard to get and the noise transistor has to be tested for the correct noise profile. The 'start/stop' and 'tap' buttons are strangely also not included in the kit so those have to be reproduced by a manufacturer with the .STL files provided by DirSync.info or 3D printed (which won't look very nice...).

If 'Roland branding' is desired on an RE-808, you can do something like buy an TR-808 replacement skin, such as from styleflip: https://www.styleflip.com/roland-tr-808-custom-skins

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