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Comparison Chart of SR-JV80 & SRX

The number of waveforms are for the SR-JV80 cards, the SRX cards hold more total than the SR-JV80 cards. Also, not all of the SRX cards contain all of the SR-JV80 waveforms, and two of the cards are omitted entirely.

Card Name SR-JV80 # SRX Equivalent # of Waveforms # of Patches
POP Expansion Board SR-JV80-01 None! 224 145 + drumkits
ORCHESTRAL Expansion Board SR-JV80-02 SRX-6 174 255
PIANO Expansion Board SR-JV80-03 SRX-7 73 111
VINTAGE SYNTH Expansion Board SR-JV80-04 SRX-7 255 255
WORLD Expansion Board SR-JV80-05 SRX-9 250 255
DANCE Expansion Board SR-JV80-06 None! 255 255
SUPER SOUND SET Expansion Board SR-JV80-07 SRX-6 (partial) 255 255
KEYBOARDS OF THE 60's & 70's Expansion Board SR-JV80-08 SRX-7 255 255
SESSION Expansion Board SR-JV80-09 SRX-7 (partial) 89 255 + drumkits
BASS AND DRUM Expansion Board SR-JV80-10 SRX-7 241 204
TECHNO COLLECTION Expansion Board SR-JV80-11 SRX-8 255 255
HIP HOP Expansion Board SR-JV80-12 SRX-8 255 255? + drumkits
VOCAL COLLECTION Expansion Board SR-JV80-13 SRX-7 (also in Symphony of Voices/Vocal Planet & Omnisphere) 94 125?
ASIAN Expansion Board SR-JV80-14 SRX-9 256 238? + drumkits
SPECIAL FX Collection Expansion Board SR-JV80-15 SRX-8 (partial) (also in Distorted Reality) 256 256 + drumkits
ORCHESTRAL II Expansion Board SR-JV80-16 SRX-6 256 235? + drumkits
COUNTRY Collection Expansion Board SR-JV80-17 SRX-9 (partial) 247 256 + drumkits
LATIN Collection Expansion Board SR-JV80-18 SRX-9 255 256
HOUSE Collection Expansion Board SR-JV80-19 SRX-8 255 256
EXPERIENCE Expansion Board SR-JV80-99 N/A 27 100
EXPERIENCE 2 Expansion Board SR-JV80-98 N/A 19 64

Card Differences

Some of the SR-JV80 cards behave differently in certain synthesizers. For instance, the SR-JV80-18 when installed in anything below a JV-1080 will have 203 patches, whereas it gets 256 patches on a JV-1080 and above. When you install SR-JV80-04 in a JD-990, you get exclusive extra patches that none of the other series get.

SRX Missing Patches

For the waveforms that the SRX cards *do* have (again some have a few missing), the JV patches are missing. Mark has converted and cobbled together Roland's packages that they sometimes distributed with the backported JV80 patches:

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