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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (The Mysterious Missing Track)

When I was a kid wanting to play more "Robin Hood" PC games, I looked up to see what there was and found "Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood", I had to order it online back then as it was never actually published here and it was sure fun, taking the "Baldur's Gate" style of approach but with a Robin Hood theme and unique dynamic movement for attacks. I really loved its OST the first time I played it and that was always a great highlight for the whole experience.

Well one day when I wanted to listen to its *actual* full complete OST, the most common hit is this YouTube video from 'miko' and it reports itself to be the "Full Soundtrack":

Except... this isn't the full soundtrack as when you get a perfect (all seven crown jewels) ending it's accompanied with an alternative medieval-synthy kind of track named "The Last Dance". That can be demonstrated through this other YouTube video:

The Last Dance Download

I'm not sure if this track was actually ever released, I certainly didn't recall seeing it (the only instances of it are from in-game footage recordings), as a result it tends to be kind of grainy. I've done my best to try and fix it and you can download it here:

The [Actual] Complete Track Listing

Note: The 'fight/alarm' tracks are kind of all over the place because some are super short. As a result most OST compilations on YouTube also miss these!

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