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Image-Line Maxx Claster Plugins Kind of... Suck

In FL Studio you might notice that some of the plugins aren't like the others. In particluar the plugins developed by Maxx Claster (who was later brought on to the Image-Line team since Didier Dambrin was completely saturated with constant development of FL Studio itself).

This includes:

The Bread and Butter Comparison

Obviously this is primarily just my opinion, but here's a list of many reasons why I don't like them:

I get it that Sakura has a small cult following; but the people who enjoy it only seem to use it as a glorified preset machine. It has that distinct nasally metallic sound that anyone will surely pick out. At the very least you could automate some of Sakura's functions like the harmonic mask, but nobody uses it like that... because if they did, they wouldn't be using it.

Drumaxx is Bad.

When I was needing a synthetic drum machine instead of realistic drums (years ago), I bought Drummax because it was integrated in FL Studio and I thought it would be good at first, until you start to actually need to integrate it in a track.

The noise generation and (some of) the waveshaping is pretty bad; it was bad enough for a handful of others to point out on Image-Line's own forums. I believe some of the 'membrane' functionality is similar to Sakura so you get that same weird metallic timbre to it.

Switching over to Microtonic and it was pretty much a revelation; the synthesis engine runs miles past Drumaxx, you get more automation options, it's vastly superior to live switching, and of course patternarium.

Comparing the two:

Mediocrity and Nothing Else

If you spent the excess hours to try and make something good exclusively with Maxx Claster plugins (could be a fun challenge I could set up for myself some day), it's just a waste of time because there's always something infinitely better. For instance:

Not to mention, they're limited to FL Studio now instead of external VSTs, giving even less incentive for people to ever use them. It would be a tough sell to get someone from another DAW to switch exclusively to FL Studio (which already has a controversial reputation despite its success) just to use Maxx Claster plugins...

Just to be clear: I'm not a strong computer programmer and wouldn't be able to make anything like what Maxx has done in a million years, but Image-Line should probably functionally upgrade & refurbish these plugins or sell the whole Claster bundle for $50... or just make them all free.


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