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Mac Tonight HQ Audio Samples

After listening to a bunch of Mac Tonight commercials on YouTube (as one does), it immediately became apparent that some had better audio than others, none were ever being cleaned up, and some of the peculiar variants weren't being noted. Just for fun I've gone ahead to collect, record, denoise and master all of the best audio clippings I could find in both English and other languages for the highest possible quality Mac Tonight audio recordings. This is regarding only the original commercial campaign (86 ~ 90), the later ones had a substantial drop in quality in visuals and orchestration.

Dinnah! Big Dippah! Showtime.

Mac Tonight and all of the audio recordings are property of the McDonald's corporation, I've merely done this for the sake of preservation.

Since most of the audio clips line up with virtually all of the video footages out there (especially variation 1 since the same song was just reused with different video footage), it should be possible to mix and match these high quality audio clips with better footage that's been AI upscaled to 'rebuild' a higher quality version of the commercials. I'm not personally interested in doing that, but if anyone wants to use this audio to stitch together a better version feel free to do so.

Mac Tonight English


I was surprised at how amazing the bassline is on the original "Mac Tonight" jingle which had the spinning burger and clock tower; in fact it's so good it surpasses anything found on the "Mack the Knife" originals that inspired it. There's also a choir that comes through that was otherwise harder to hear as well (for some reason the choir is best heard on the Spanish version, which is also included down below).

The cassette version probably has the best frequency response out of all of them, but it has a bad noise ratio and the pitch is off slightly. It's also missing the "heh!" at 11 seconds that the commercial has for the famous jazz 'shrug' Doug Jones performs.

Mac Tonight Japanese

Mac Tonight Cantonese

Mac Tonight Spanish

Mac Tonight French Canadian

Mac Tonight Extended Jingle

Doug Jones mentioned in the now infamous grainy YouTube video, that there existed a 60 second theme song airing on radio. As far as anyone knows the sample has long been lost to the sands of time, however I thought I'd transcribe it here anyways:

  • When the clock strikes (hey) half past six babe (ooh ahhh)
  • Time to head for, golden lights
  • It's a good time, for the great taste
  • And the great taste means Mac Tonight
  • It's time for Big Mac (bom bom)
  • How 'bout a McDLT
  • Or chicken McNuggets with those famous fries
  • You can drive through, or just walk right in
  • To McDonald's, it's Mac Tonight
  • It's a good time for the great taste (dinnah!)
  • At McDonald's, it's Mac Tonight
  • Come on make it Mac Tonight

With how amazing the Mac Tonight bassline is with the high quality audio version, it would be nice to either create an extended version of the Mac Tonight song (maybe even longer than 60 seconds), or do some improv around it. Or, taking it even creating extended variations around it such as on "Breakfast Tomorrow: In the Clouds" (which happens to be my favourite and also has some good bass).

Random Trivia

It seems like a lot of Mac Tonight merchandise and products were available right when 1988 hit, I'm going to assume that's when the peak of the popularity with the character happened; when it became more global rather than just regional.

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