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Korg Drivers - Not Digitally Signed

Group Policy Edit Fix

After installing the driver for the microKEY Air I have hooked up, I was surprised to get an error from Windows stating that the Korg package didn't have the driver signed:

Even more curious was the fact that any web searches proved unfruitful for anyone else having this issue... regardless, it can be bypassed by allowing Windows to install an unsigned driver (which for some reason Korg didn't sign, at least not at the moment in time that I downloaded it). If you have Windows with *Professional* or higher, you can just edit the local group policy for your account to allow unsigned driver installations. Launch gpedit.msc and go to: User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Driver Installation. And finally just change the state of 'Code signing for device drivers' to 'ignore'. This really isn't recommended though as it could allow malware to hit your computer, proceed at your own risk.

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