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JV-1080 / JV-2080 Resources and Manuals

Various JV-1080 & JV-2080 manuals and information. I've grouped them together as they're fairly similar and usually when someone talks about one, the other is involved. The reason why the 1080 tends to be more ubiquitous is the same reason why Fluke multimeters are often the 'standard'. Music producers and film compoers bought so many JV-1080s and everything was built around them that even a change to a superior 2080 caused too much difference, and so, Roland continued to produce the JV-1080 for a whopping 8 years.

Service Manuals

Owner's Manuals

JV-1080 / JV-2080 Editors

There've been quite a few editors for the JV-1080 (for those not brave enough to edit patches from the front panel but it's totally possible and doable if you have the time).

Memory Card Solutions

The original Roland M-256E and M-512E cards are either on the pricier side and also are volatile and require active batteries.

SR-JV80 Programmer

JV-1080 / JV-2080 Replacement Switches

Some older well-used JV series can start to have worn out tact switches. They can just be replaced with any off the shelf ones, no need to pay a high markup from synthesizer repair resellers.

Music Demonstrations

Jim has a demonstration of some custom JV80 patches (which are related to the JV series as a whole):

No external effects or processing was used to create this demo. This patch bank is now available for 21.99 U.S, payable to synthartist69@yahoo.com via PayPal. Be sure to send email address that you would like for me to send the FILE. This patch bank includes 64 custom and 80's type patches and 16 performance patches that can be written into your user internal memory. The file will be sent to your email as .syx. You will need a high-quality USB to midi cable such as the Roland UM1 MK2.

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