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FL Studio Error: Trying to revoke a drop target

Rendering Issues

I have an FL Studio project that produces random pauses and glitches as it plays when new plugins or wave files would start playing for the first time, and I do have some other older project files that do this too. After trying to figure out what causes this, I noticed it occurs less frequently in the 32-bit FL Studio environment. Unfortunately to this day I have not figured out what triggers it specifically; there was no specific plugin or option that I could find.

After rendering that very track, one of the 'pauses' actually made its way in to the finalized file! Obviously that's not exactly acceptable so I re-ran the render job with the 32-bit environment. After it finished it produced a peculiar message related to the C programming environment:

I couldn't find anyone else having this issue so lucky me. Fortunately the project did render okay (without any pauses or pops), it was just after the rendering was finished did it call up that message. The FL Studio renderer now has loads of advertisements and notices flinging passed so maybe it's no surprise.

There are other oddities with the FL Studio renderer which manifest themselves very strongly with Sytrus, but now I know the renderer can also put in 'real time' audio pops and glitches. My only guess is that this is caused with the .FLPs being originally created on a different version of FL-- each time a new version of FL Studio is released, editing a .FLP from a previous version automatically gets 'updated' and cannot be accessed by older versions once that happens. However, the problem is inconsistent since I have .FLPs that have been migrated from as old as FL Studio 6 and they work fine.

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