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East/West - Going Green

Outdated Notice

Note: this article was written on: June 19, 2016 (it can become out of date as the PLAY engine, Windows and FL Studio progress; not to mention boxed DVD copies of the software will no longer be offered fairly soon).

Authorization Code Issues

During the East/West Quantum Leap 'going green' sale where everything was basically 60% off so they could clear their physical media, I bought over a grand of software. It's possibly the best deal they've ever had, although some have come fairly close to it before. But with everything good comes problems, and EWQL always has weird issues:

  1. One of the seven authorization codes didn't work
  2. The newest PLAY engine did not install the correct vcredist x64 redistributable
  3. When activating the licenses in the latest installation center, the devices (in my case my computer and iLok) sometimes change, so you have to be very careful you don't click the wrong device for a path of pain and misery to move it after.

For the authorization code that didn't work (dull), I simply opened a ticket and explained the issue; unfortunately the regular ticketing system isn't for licensing issues (despite the fact they have a licensing drop-down!) so instead you have to email the licensing department directly. I got a response in the same day rather quickly so that was nice, but still kind of stupid. The ticketing system should be *comprehensive* and encompass all deparments, not have some random mailbox just dedicated for people who get authorization codes that don't work. Speaking of which, here was the error I received, I blanked out some of the code--just in case--but this is also an opportunity to see how weird EWQL's auth codes are:

I solved the C++ redistributable issue here: East/West Quantum Leap Play - C++ Issue

I didn't take a photo of the EW Installation Center randomly changing the 'devices' to choose for activation, but be aware of it if you're a spontaneous clicker, otherwise you'll register the product to the wrong device.

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