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The Problem With Digital Resonance

This seems to be a spicy topic for some and there are many camps and interpretations as to the limitations and issues with digital or software based resonance. What is objective though, is that most of the time there are indeed problems and issues with digital resonance because it's a complicated phenomenon to replicate with math versus just having the physical circuit handle all of the complexity. It's also compounded by the fact that different analog resonances can have different characteristics and tontal qualities (but so can digital resonances, just normally not as pleasant).

Still working on getting the samples created for uploading here.

Digital and Analog Resonance Comparisons

Here's a quick rundown of a good portion of digital resonance filters and then some analog resonance filters to compare against. Keep in mind that not all resonance filters have keyboard tracking (which is imperative if you want it to be in tune), and some of them have so much peaking that they become unusable for resonance sweeps and using the resonance as a primary form of oscillation.

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